The wait is finally over, Look Keo with Power, now in stock

The wait is finally over, Look Keo with Power, now in stock

The Keo Power permits very accurate measurement of the power and cadence. Each axle is equipped with 8 strain gauges permitting very accurate measurement of the axle deflection and so of the forces applied to it.
The observed measurement deviations, whatever the value of the force and its point of application are less than 2%. The axle electronics are designed to measure forces up to 170kg, obviously the axle can support much larger forces. The cadence is measured using a reed relay placed in the body of the pedal.
Through the force and cadence measurement, the Keo Power is capable of giving the power. The information is then sent to the POLAR transmitter, which sends it wirelessly to the meter via the WIND protocol.

The Keo Power is very easy to install, compatible with the majority of bicycles on the market and very easy to move from one bike to another, in contrast to systems that are found in the chainset or the hub.
Its fixing system is slightly different because it is necessary to orient the axle in a very specific position, then tighten the locknut. The tool delivered with the pedal permits the axle to be aligned perfectly with the chainset.
The Keo Power is designed to be compatible with chainsets with crank thickness less than 16 mm and length of 170, 172.5, 175 or 177.5 mm (Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo, FSA ranges, etc.)
Calibration is done automatically when the system starts up. The Keo power is designed to limit the impact of temperature on the gauges.

The Keo Power possesses all the characteristics of a Keo. The platform surface is the same as the Keo Blade, which is one of the widest currently available (62mm), guaranteeing excellent stability and efficiency. The platform height is also the same as a Keo Blade (15.2mm). Finally the Keo Power is among the lightest power measurement systems on the market, with only 150g excess weight compared to a top of the range LOOK pedal that is already one of the lightest.
The axle has been the subject of special attention: 3 bearings, double seals. It has undergone exactly the same approval tests as the standard axles: Keo Power axles have only been approved after a 1 million cycle rotation test at 100rev/min with a load of 90kg on the centre of the pedal and eccentric rotation (which creates a shock at each turn). This test is much greater than the current standard: EN14781.

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